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Mulch Film

Mulch films are used in the agricultural field to regulate soil temperature and restrain weed growth. These are an ideal option to advance crop productivity and stop moisture loss. Mulch films prevent earth from clumping up into a compacted mess.

Parking Shade

Parking canopy shade is a structure made to shield and shade cars parked in parking lots. It normally consists of a steel or aluminium frame and a canopy covered in a tough cloth that blocks the sun's UV rays.

Shade Net

Shade nets are used to protect natural products, trees, vegetables, seedlings, and seeds from bird damage in grape plantations, organic product ranches, and other businesses. They serve as a layer of protection in between warm weld networks.

Mosquito Net

A mosquito net is a form of netting that allows air to freely circulate while deterring mosquitoes and other insects. In tropical and subtropical areas where mosquitoes are common and can spread diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and the Zika virus, mosquito nets are frequently utilised.



New Items
Fencing nets are created by our vendors using top-notch raw materials and contemporary technologies, keeping in mind the industry standard. These are used for a variety of purposes, such as screening and poultry runs. Fencing nets are used in fence operations.